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Veneer Doors finished with Pacific Maple veneer

There was no question of which product was catching the most attention at the Spartan Doors factory today. These Veneer Doors were beautifully finished with a Pacific Maple veneer.

veneer Door Solid Doors
veneer doors solid doors

This high quality finish with its natural wood grain looks great in a number of applications and we can’t wait to see how these will look when they are installed. It isn’t just about good looks though, the featured doors have a 2 hour fire integrity rating and 30 minute insulation rating.

veneer doors solid doors

Veneer Doors Options

These doors are available as semi-solid, solid and fire rated (1 & 2 hours), up to a size of 2450mm x 1200mm.

Some other finishes that are available include; European Beech, American Cherry, Tasmanian Oak, Teak, Victorian Ash and White Aspen. Many are even eco-certâ„¢ certified as well.

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