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Fire rated (FR) access panels are a critical component in the design of commercial and industrial buildings, especially when it comes to safety. In Australia, building codes and regulations for FR access panels must be strictly adhered to ensure compliance with standards set by authorities such as the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Knowing where these products can be used is essential for architects, builders and specifiers alike. This blog post will discuss the importance of FR access panels within Australian building regulations while also exploring their use cases in different commercial applications around the country. We’ll look at how they provide advantages over other solutions available on the market today before drawing our conclusions about this important topic.

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fire rated access panels

What are Fire Rated Access Panels?

They are typically made of steel, aluminum, or other fire-resistant materials and can be used in a variety of applications such as walls, ceilings, floors, and partitions. Fire rated access panels are available in different sizes and configurations depending on the specific requirements of the building they will be installed in.

Definition of FR Access Panels

Fire-rated access panels are doors or wall openings that have been tested to withstand extreme temperatures during a fire event. These products must meet stringent standards set by local authorities to ensure their safety when exposed to high heat levels over extended periods of time. The primary purpose of these products is to prevent the spread of smoke and flames from one area to another while providing an escape route for occupants during an emergency situation.


There are several types of FR access panels available on the market today, including single leaf hinged doors, double leaf hinged doors, sliding door systems, roller shutters/shutters systems, swing gates/hinged gates systems and more. Each type has its own unique features which make it suitable for certain applications within a building’s design such as providing additional security or allowing easier movement between areas with limited space restrictions. Additionally some models may also offer additional benefits such as sound insulation or increased energy efficiency ratings due to their construction material choices like insulated steel frames which help reduce noise pollution from outside sources entering into interior spaces through air gaps created by traditional door designs without proper seals around them.


The main benefit associated with using them is improved safety throughout a building’s interior spaces during emergency situations where quick evacuation is necessary due to the rapid spread of smoke and flames caused by fires occurring inside them. In addition, these products also provide added peace of mind knowing that they will remain intact even under intense heat conditions thus preventing any further damage from occurring within structures containing them. Furthermore, installation costs associated with installing these items tend to be relatively low compared to those associated with other forms of structural protection like brick walls which require much more labor-intensive work in order to complete properly. Finally, many manufacturers offer warranties on their products so customers can rest assured knowing that if something does go wrong then there is someone who stands behind the product quality and reliability for long term use.

FR access panels are an essential component of a safe and secure building, ensuring that any fire is contained to the area in which it originated. Understanding building codes and regulations for their installation is crucial to ensure compliance.

Key Takeaway: Fire rated access panels provide improved safety and peace of mind during emergency situations, while also offering low installation costs and warranties from manufacturers. Benefits include: increased security, easier movement between areas with limited space restrictions, sound insulation, energy efficiency ratings and structural protection.
fire rated access panels

Building Codes and Regulations for Fire Rated Access Panels in Australia

In addition to meeting the standards outlined by AS 1530.4-2014, all commercial buildings in Australia must comply with Building Code of Australia (BCA) Volume One Part C3 – Fire Resistance Ratings when it comes to specifying their products’ levels of protection against heat and flame spread throughout a building during a blaze. The BCA outlines specific requirements that need to be met depending on where within a building an access panel is being installed, its size, and function within the structure itself.

It is important for builders, architects and designers to be aware of the Australian Standards, local council requirements and compliance needs when installing fire rated access panels in Australia. Next, let’s look at where these access panels are commonly used.

Where are Fire Rated Access Panels Used?

They provide a safe and secure way to gain access to areas that may be difficult or dangerous to reach, while also providing protection from fire and smoke.

Common Applications of Fire Rated Access Panels: Fire rated access panels can be used in many different applications, including walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, and other structural elements. They are commonly used for maintenance purposes such as accessing electrical wiring or plumbing systems. In addition, they can also be used for aesthetic purposes such as creating interesting patterns on walls or ceilings.

Placement Considerations for Fire Rated Access Panels: When installing fire rated access panels it is important to consider the placement carefully. The panel should not interfere with any existing fire safety measures such as sprinkler systems or smoke detectors and should not obstruct any exits or emergency routes within the building. It is also important to ensure that the panel does not block off ventilation points which could lead to increased risk of smoke inhalation during a fire event.

Design considerations when using fire rated access panels include choosing materials that will meet local regulations regarding flame spread ratings and sound transmission ratings (STC). Additionally, it is important to choose a design which allows easy installation without compromising security features like locks or hinges which may need replacing over time due to wear and tear from regular use. Finally, consideration must be given to how much space needs to be left around the panel so that it can open properly without damaging surrounding surfaces or fixtures during operation.

Fire Rated Access Panels are used in a variety of applications to provide safety and security from the spread of fire. They can also be used to increase efficiency and cost savings, making them an ideal choice for commercial buildings in Australia. Next, we will look at the advantages of using Fire Rated Access Panels in these buildings.

Key Takeaway: Fire rated access panels are an important safety measure in commercial buildings, providing protection from fire and smoke while also allowing easy maintenance access. When installing, consider local regulations regarding flame spread ratings and sound transmission ratings, design features for ease of installation, and the amount of space needed to open the panel properly.

Advantages of Using Fire Rated Access Panels in Commercial Buildings in Australia

They provide a secure barrier between the interior and exterior of the building, while also providing fire protection. Fire rated access panels can be used to protect people, property, and assets from potential fires.

Improved Safety with the Use of Fire Rated Access Panels: The use of fire rated access panels helps to reduce the risk of injury or death due to fires by providing an additional layer of protection for occupants in case a fire breaks out. Fire rated access panels are designed to contain flames and smoke within their boundaries so that they do not spread throughout the building, thus reducing damage and loss caused by fires. In addition, these doors help prevent unauthorized entry into areas where hazardous materials may be stored or used which further increases safety levels for personnel working in those areas.

Cost Savings with the Use of Fire Rated Access Panels: Installing fire-rated access panels can save money on insurance premiums as well as repairs costs associated with damages caused by fires since they act as a barrier against flames and smoke spreading throughout a building’s interior spaces. Additionally, installing these types of doors will reduce energy consumption since they create an airtight seal when closed which keeps conditioned air inside instead escaping through cracks around traditional door frames leading to higher utility bills over time.

Fire-rated access panels are a great way to ensure the safety of commercial buildings in Australia while also providing cost savings and increased efficiency. In conclusion, this article has highlighted the key advantages of using fire-rated access panels in commercial buildings in Australia.

Key Takeaway: Fire rated access panels provide improved safety and cost savings by containing flames and smoke, preventing unauthorized entry, and creating an airtight seal to reduce energy consumption.


In Australia, fire-rated doors are an essential component of any commercial building. Fire-rated doors provide a barrier between the interior and exterior of a building, helping to contain fires and protect occupants from smoke inhalation. They also help prevent the spread of flames throughout a structure, allowing for more time for evacuation in case of emergency.

Summary of Key Points Regarding the Use of Fire-Rated Doors in Australia:

Fire-rated doors must meet strict standards set by Australian Standards AS 1530 Part 4 and AS 1668 Part 1 & 2 as well as local council requirements before they can be installed in commercial buildings. The installation process is complex and requires professional expertise to ensure that all safety regulations are met. Additionally, these types of doors should be inspected regularly to ensure their continued effectiveness over time.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits and Advantages of UsingFire-Rated Doors in Commercial Buildings:

Ultimately, investing in quality fire rated access panels is essential for any commercial building looking to maximize its safety measures while minimizing risk factors associated with potential disasters such as fires or other hazardous events. Fire-rated doors provide a barrier between the interior and exterior of a building, helping to contain fires and protect occupants from smoke inhalation. They also help prevent the spread of flames throughout a structure, allowing for more time for evacuation in case of emergency. With these advantages, businesses can be sure that their investments are well worth it when it comes to protecting their employees and customers alike.

FAQs in Relation to Fire Rated Access Panels

What makes an access panel fire rated?

An access panel fire rated is a type of door or wall that has been tested and certified to meet the requirements of a specific fire rating. This means it can withstand exposure to high temperatures, flames, smoke, and other hazardous conditions for an extended period of time without compromising its structural integrity. Fire-rated doors are typically made from steel or other materials that are designed to resist heat and flame spread. They also feature special seals around their edges which help prevent the passage of smoke into the building during a fire emergency.

Are access panels fire rated?

Yes, access panels can be fire rated. Depending on the application and building requirements, they must meet certain standards to provide adequate protection from the spread of fire and smoke. Access panels are available in a variety of materials such as steel, aluminium or timber with various levels of fire resistance ranging from 30 minutes up to 4 hours. Fire-rated access panels also come with additional features such as intumescent seals for extra protection against smoke and heat penetration. It is important to ensure that the correct type of panel is chosen for each application in order to comply with relevant regulations and codes of practice.

What size?

Fire rated access panels come in a variety of sizes, depending on the specific requirements for the application. Generally speaking, fire rated access panels must be at least 1-hour fire-rated and have an insulated core with self-closing door latching mechanisms. The size of the panel is determined by its intended use; for example, a small panel may be used to provide access to electrical wiring or plumbing systems while larger panels are typically used as emergency exits or ventilation points. When selecting a fire rated access panel, it’s important to consider both its size and rating so that it meets all applicable building codes and safety standards.

How do I install?

Installing fire rated access panels is a relatively straightforward process. First, ensure that the panel and frame are compatible with your wall type and structure. Then, mark out the required dimensions on the wall before cutting it to size. Once cut, fit the frame into place using screws or bolts as necessary. Finally, secure the panel in place by inserting any additional fixings provided with your product. With all components correctly installed you can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is protected from potential fires.


In conclusion, fire rated access panels are an important component of any commercial building in Australia. They must meet the relevant Australian Building Codes and Regulations to ensure that they provide the necessary protection against fire and smoke. Fire rated access panels can be used in a variety of locations throughout a building, providing easy access to electrical wiring or other components while still maintaining the integrity of the fire rating. With their ability to reduce installation time and cost, as well as providing additional safety measures for occupants, it is clear why these panels are so widely used in commercial buildings across Australia.

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