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Flushpoly – Semi-Solid Doors

Often referred to as a semi-solid door, the Flushpoly door has a polystyrene core and sits in between a hollow-core door and solid-core door. It is a general-purpose door that has a variety of advantages to meet customer requirements. Semi-solid doors are lighter than solid core doors, making them easy to handle and cheaper. The Spartan Door Flushpoly option offers performance improvements for acoustics and insulation while still being lightweight for ease of installation.

Semi Solid Door

Semi-Solid Door Advantages

  • Weight – Because the Flushpoly is semi-solid the door remains lightweight when compared to other options. This makes the door easier to manufacture, transport, install or relocate.
  • Longevity – Like our Flushcorr door, the Flushpoly is a durable product that offers a longer lifecycle than traditional door alternatives.
  • Insulation – The Flushpoly door offers enhanced thermal insulation capabilities for cold climates or settings where temperature control is required.
  • Residential, Education and Healthcare Applications – Given it is lightweight, durable and inexpensive, the Flushpoly door is popular for residential, education and healthcare projects. Its acoustic and thermal insulation properties are also useful advantages for these applications.

Flushpoly Options

  • Rails and Stiles – 40mm Pine, 40mm Redwood, 110mm MDF and 110mm Pine
  • Skins – 4.75mm MDF, 4.75mm MDF Primed, 6mm MDF, 6mm MDF Primed, 3.2mm HMRXP, 3.6mm Plywood, 6mm Marine Ply and Timber Veneer
  • Full profiling
  • Bottom rebate
  • Perimeter rebate
  • Meeting stile rebate
  • Power pass
  • Tapered door
  • Vision panel
  • Air grille
  • Steel subframe

As part of all Spartan Door Flushdoor products, the Flushpoly door has a 3 year limited warranty. This guarantees the door will be free from material and manufacturing defects from the date of delivery for three years.

For more information about our Flushpoly doors, please contact us today via email at [email protected] or call 1300 784 852.

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