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One of the best solutions for any industrial or commercial project is the installation of steel door frames for added security and durability.

Steel Door Frames

At Spartan Doors, we believe your clients should enjoy top security and safety when it comes to their industrial and commercial building projects. What good would having great security features be if they did not also have the proper door frames to support their efforts? One of the best solutions for any industrial or commercial project is the installation of steel door frames for added security and protection.

Our steel door frames are manufactured to provide the maximum advantage with high industrial capacity and are engineered to last. Offering a number of benefits, our high-quality door frames have an excellent fire rating and fire protection and are excellent for most commercial buildings as well as power substations, tunnels, and other industrial applications.

Additionally, our steel door frames are easy to install (allowing for proper safety precautions), provide extra support and strength, and offer reinforcement for security doors in any industrial or commercial facility. Steel door frames are also resistant to warping, shrinking, sagging, and rotting.  Steel door frames are reliable for many security applications and provide guaranteed protection.

A durable and functional option for industrial and construction projects, these door frames come in a variety of finishes, styles, and colours, so they can easily be added to match any space.

At Spartan Doors, we offer customisable options, quick turnaround times, and can manufacture steel door frames for resale and distribution, depending upon your needs. Contact us to learn more about our steel door frames for industrial and commercial projects. We look forward to working with you. We also manufacture flush panel timber doors and timber fire doors.

Steel door frames packed ,ready for shipping

Steel Frame Specifications


Spartan doors Steel frames can be manufacture from Zincanneal, Galvabond steel varying from 0.9mm to 2.5mm thick sheet metal. They can also be manufactured from Stainless Steel for applications where corrosion is more likely. These frames are supplied spot primed ready for a paint finish.

Frame Fixing Methods

10mm Tube Fixings: Best used for retrofitting frames into existing openings.

Wire Ties: Used when bricking around the frame

Stud Clips: Used in applications with. timber/steel stud wall

Back Straps/Wing Straps: Back Straps are welded to the rebate and fire rated while Wing Straps are welded to the returns and are not fire rate. Both are used for applications where the wall is built around the frame.

Frame Tolerances

Throat += 2mm

Architrave/Rebate += 1mm

Spartan Door Frame Downloads

Frame Order Form Guide

Steel Door Frames

Bulk Frame Order Form

Bulk Order Form

Door Frame Measurement and Size Calculation Guide

Order Form Guide


Frame Order Forms

Bulk Frame Order Form

Frame Order Form

Custom Single Rebate Profile Order Form

Custom Double Rebate Profile Form

Fire Rated Profile Forms

Fire Rated Single & Double Rebate Profile Guide

New Generation Fire Rated Profile Guide

Non-Fire Rated Profile Forms

Non-Fire Rated Single Rebate Profile Guide

Non-Fire Rated Double Rebate Profile Guide

New Generation Non-Fire Rated Profile Guide

Here at Spartan Doors, we offer double rebate steel door frames to help increase security at your home, office, or warehouse in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, Australia.

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