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At Spartan Doors, we have used our experience to come up with a range of security doors to suit a variety of applications.

Security Doors in Australia

The start of the security door range offers a product suitable for sheds and industrial buildings. The middle-of-the-range security door is commonly used in secure facilities such as airports, refineries, LNG plants and power stations. The top-of-the-range security door is used in strong room applications.

All of our security doors fall into what we call the “Bulwark” range. Bulwark has a variety of meanings all based around defence, security or protection, which we think is very fitting for a range of security door.

The Bulwark 2000 is the first in our range of security door. It features a solid timber core finished with 1.5mm steel sheeting. This door can replace our Industrial Door in applications requiring additional security.

The Bulwark 4000 and 6000 are our mid-tier of security door. Customers generally pick one of these doors based on security requirements and budget.

The final door in the security door range in the Bulwark 10K. Our most secure door is designed for use in strong rooms.

As always, we offer a range of frame and hardware options. With our higher-tier doors, some of the frame and hardware options are mandatory to ensure security is not compromised.

Security Doors in Australia

Spartan Doors provides the highest quality security doors to meet your commercial and industrial needs in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia.

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