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Radiation doors are lead-lined doors used to shield operators from potentially harmful stray x-rays in hospitals, clinics and dental offices.

Radiation doors are essential for the safety of both medial staff and patients to prevent unwanted exposure to stray radiation coming from x-ray sources and nuclear medicine.

Radiation Doors in Australia

A radiation door can be a single or double depending on the configuration required.  Double doors feature a lead-lined insert in the meeting style to block stray radiation from passing between the door leafs.  The radiation doors have a solid wood core with bonded hardwood edge strips.  Lead sheeting is bonded to both sides of the timber core followed by a paint grade skin.

Radiation Doors in Australia

Lead sheeting is typically 10kg on each side of the core of the radiation door, but thicker lead can be added to increase performance up to as much as 40kg.

Lead is used as a radiation shield because of its high density and high atomic number.  Because of these properties, lead sheeting is effective at stopping or scattering both x-rays and gamma rays.  In the absence of effective lead shielding, the electrons within the human body could be adversely affected, resulting in DNA damage and potentially cancer.

Viewing panels can be added to these specialised doors without reducing performance. They feature radiation glass with an appropriate lead-lined mounting frame.  These special radiation glass panels can provide the equivalent protection of between 1.6mm and 2.2mm of lead shielding, depending on specification.

To Specify Radiation Doors

Because the options vary considerably and radiation containment requirements can vary so widely depending on the situation, please contact us for assistance in developing a specification.

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Here at Spartan Doors, we provide the highest quality radiation doors in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia. Our doors are sure to keep you and your products safe in any circumstance.

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