The Durablast DBD range of blast proof doors have been developed to protect against situations such as fire, explosion, hazardous emissions and terrorist activity. Read More >
The Spartan Fire Door is a multi-purpose door ideal for internal and external use in industrial, commercial and residential applications where fire protection is required. Read More >
At Spartan Doors, we have used our experience to come up with a range of security doors to suit a variety of applications. Read More >
Commercial door frames are manufactured to all sizes in Rated and Non Rated Styles and Profiles. Fixings are Wire Tie, Tube Fix, or Stud Clip.
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The Industrial Door is a multi-purpose lightweight metal clad door. It has the same advantages of a solid timber door, with the added benefit of durability in extreme climate conditions. Read More >
The Spartan Split Frame is multi-purpose double rebate door frame. It has the same advantages of a standard frame, but allows for a larger door when installed into an existing wall opening. Read More >