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Our acoustic doors have been tested in a sound laboratory for acoustic ratings up to Rw39, they are also certified as a fire rated system, meaning they perform the sound attenuating function while also limiting the travel of fire or smoke.

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors Description

The Spartan Doors Acoustic Door range provides options for a multi-purpose door that is ideal for use in industrial and commercial applications where noise reduction between areas is required. Unlike standard residential acoustic doors however, we also provide the option within our range to acquire a door that has dual purpose as a fire door. 

We take pride in our offering with both Firecore and Pyropanel PAC utilised for Spartan Doors Acoustic Doors core’s. The FireCore range provides an acoustic rating from 30Rw through to 39Rw. The PyroPanel ratings range from 38Rw up to 44Rw. The door’s are constructed using hardwood edge strips, internal core of either FireCore or Pyropanel PAC, with a variety of skins available depending on the intended application and desired paint finish. The doors can maintain both their acoustic and fire ratings when externally clad in steel, making them also suitable for high security applications like substations and pump rooms.

The construction of Spartan Door Acoustic Doors allows them to be tested to AS1276.1 (acoustic) and AS1905.1 (building) standards and certified to AS1530.4 (fire). 

Acoustic Doors Application

Spartan Door Acoustic Doors have application in a wide variety of settings including cinemas, substations, theatres, pump rooms, schools, and office environments where noise control is important.


Acoustic Doors Finishes

Spartan Doors Acoustic Doors are available in a large range of finishes including; MDF, primed MDF, HMR XP, Plywood, custom Veneers and steel cladding. 

In some instances, the finish can limit the maximum rating of the door. Please contact us for more information on how your selected finish can impact the maximum rating of your door.


To Specify Spartan Acoustic Doors

Door system shall be Spartan Acoustic Door to AS1276.1 and AS1530.4 (only add if fire rating is required). Door shall achieve an acoustic rating of Rw## (## ranges from 30 to 44 for single doors 31 to 42 for double doors) and shall receive a FRL of -/###/30 (### can be 60 min or 120 min – only add if fire rating is required). Door to use a FireCore or Pyropanel PAC core and hardwood edge strips, skin to be nominated based on acoustic and fire requirements, or finishing requirements if applicable. 

Door shall be supplied with the matching door frame to ensure compliance to the above standards, door frame shall be manufactured from minimum 1.5mm pressed metal and supplied to suite the wall types on site. Door frame shall be supplied with hinge backing plates and universal strike, both with mortal guards, finish of the frame will be spot primed. 


Acoustic Door Diagram

acoustic door

For more information or to inquire please contact us today at 1300 784 852 or email doors@spartandoors.com.au.

Here at Spartan Doors, we provide the highest quality acoustic doors in Newcastle, SydneyMelbourne, and Brisbane, Australia. Our doors are sure to keep you and your products safe in any circumstance.

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