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choose stainless steel door framesWhat is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a form of metal that contains chromium. This type of steel, unlike other metals, are NON CORROSIVE, RESISTANT TO TARNISHING and RUST PROOF. This being said, read on for more reasons to choose stainless steel door frames.

Why does type matters?

There are different types of stainless steel, SS304, SS316 and SS403 are a few of the most widely used among them. Though these names might not be too familiar, it’s really not something very technical or complicated. These stainless steel variations are due to their “make-up”.  SS316, for example, has molybdenum on top of chromium and nickel which makes it more suitable outdoor use than SS304 especially for boat parts or building structures near the ocean, etc as it has more chloride corrosion resistance. To put simply, there is almost always the right grade of stainless steel that you can use to suit the environment it will be put in.

Why choose Stainless Steel Door Frames over other door frames?

• Durable- Made to last for several years and can withstand wear and tear.

• Aesthetically presentable- Has a neutral look that can easily fit in with any type of wall/ interior design.

• Customizable- Can be made to meet different specifications like dimension, thickness, finish, etc.

• Insect/ bug proof

• Non-Corrosive

• Rust resistant

• Fire resistant- Though stainless is still a heat conductor, it doesn’t catch fire.

• Weatherproof- Can be used outdoors and in any environment.

• Hygienic- Can be sterilized

• Light enough for easy transport/ delivery.

Spartan Customization.

At Spartan Doors, we’d like to be always at your service. Stainless steel comes in different thickness and different finish. We offer any type of Stainless Steel Door Frame customization to cater to your construction needs. We can give estimates as well as recommendations and suggestions on what will be the perfect door frame for you to use. Just contact us and we’ll be glad to be at your service.

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