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Spartan Doors has a comprehensive range of external doors that are manufactured in Australia by our skilled people who understand the unique and challenging conditions of Australia. These conditions can include hazardous, high impact activity, or even rough weather conditions which all provide unique challenges when considered in the context of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Quite generally, external doors are specifically designed to withstand humidity, corrosive environments, fires, explosions, cyclones and more. 


fire doors Australia


What are the benefits of external doors? 

Standard doors are generally used when there are no particular security or safety risks, nor any exposure to impact, pressure, or chemicals. They are sometimes found in private residential units or small complexes but more so in industrial and commercial applications. On occasion, external doors are supported by other elements such as fences, locks or blinds to add an extra layer of protection. External doors are not confined to a small definition, as such external doors used in Australian environments can require high security, either to keep things inside and/or blocking elements from outside. Following the above definition and applications there are several suitable products including the reliable Bulwark 4000 that work well in storage facilities and distribution centres, to the superior security of our Bulwark 10K. 


Our warehouse is equipped with advanced technology that enables us to provide strong, resistant and durable external doors. Tailored to your needs, with soundproofing and fire-rating if necessary, exhaustive testing and stylish finishes, our doors combine optimal functionality with impeccable aesthetics. Supported by frames and other hardware, we utilise materials like reinforced steel, which is great for homes and businesses, and low maintenance heavy duty metal (such as our Bulwark 2000 doors) that perfectly suits commercial applications.



These are some of the most common applications for external doors Australia: 

  • High security buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Nuclear research facilities
  • Power plants
  • Warehouses
  • Prisons
  • Laboratories
  • Mining industry
  • Banks


fire doors Australia


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If you are searching for external doors Australia, reach out to our team. We offer customisation to special finishes, colours, materials, size and thickness, to ensure your door fits seamlessly within your building. 


In the field of external doors, Australia has some of the best manufacturers such as Spartan Doors. The technology and know-how you find at Spartan Doors is world-class. For more information, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call 1300 784 852.

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