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Spartan Doors recently finished a special project for a client with the highest security and custom options available. A vision panel fire door with an electric striker improves efficiency while still providing the best protection. The Spartan Fire Door is a multi-purpose door ideal for internal and external use in industrial, commercial and residential applications where fire protection is required. Our fire rated doors use hardwood timber strips to form a frame around a fire resistant vermiculite core. They are manufactured in accordance with AS1530 part 4, and are certified to AS1905 part 1 of the building code standards.

vision panel fire doorvision panel fire door












vision panel fire door


Vision Panel Fire door Specification: 

  • Based on standard door configuration. Other size, finish, frame and hardware options are available.
  • Size: Single – 2040mm high x 820mm wide x 36mm thick (internal 1-hour).   2040mm high x 920mm wide x 45mm thick (external 2-hour).
  • Double – 2040mm high x 920/920mm wide x 45mm thick (external 2-hour).
  • Design: Incorporates 10mm wide external hardwood edge strips to form a frame around the core in compliance with AS1530 part 4 and AS1905 part 1.
  • Finish: Ply Sheet.
  • Core: Vermiculite Sheet.
  • Weight: 46mm leaf – 40KG.   38mm leaf – 32KG.
  • Custom – Vision Panel and Electric Striker.


vision panel fire door

If you own a commercial business or live in an area of Australia that is prone to fires, you know how important having fire & solid doors can be for the safety of your home or business. Whether you have sensitive documents or work with important equipment, the proper fire & solid doors will keep your property secure. At Spartan Doors, we have fire & solid doors that will ensure the safety and security of your home or business, and you will find our quick turnaround makes us an easy choice.








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