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Tasmanian Oak has all the warmth and beauty that comes from using real wood. It is a dense and resilient hardwood that we use for our timber veneer finishes. Tassie Oak comes from three species of eucalypts found in the mountainous regions of Tasmania; Eucalyptus Regnans (Mountain Ash), Eucalyptus Delegatensis (Alpine Ash) and Eucalyptus Obliqua (Messmate). The mix of species means the colour ranges from straw blonde to a reddish-brown blended with intermediate shades of cream to pink. Tassie Oak is recognised for its excellent staining qualities which produces elegant finishes and ready matching with other timbers. It has low-to-medium durability which makes it suitable for dry, interior applications such as wall panelling, furniture, ceiling panels, tables, and of course interior doors. 

Oak Tasmanian Oak veneers are made by cutting logs into thin ‘leaves’, usually 0.6mm thick, that are dried and joined to form sheets. When it comes to cutting the veneer slices, there are two methods, crown-cut and quarter-cut. Crown-cut is when a veneer is sliced across the log which produces a pattern that cuts across the growth rings of the log resulting in a V-shaped pattern. Quarter-cut leaves are sliced in the plane of the radius of the log, producing a linear grain. The choice of cutting method doesn’t affect the intrinsic properties of the wood so the best technique for you will depend on your personal preference. 

Tasmanian OakThe veneer may have natural features such as pink knots, gum, figure, curved grain, and off-centred crowns. These are not defects but rather intrinsic features of natural wood veneer and makes every piece unique. Now, if you are interested in Tasmanian Oak, you should also know about Victorian Ash. The only difference between the two is that Victorian Ash is sourced from Victoria and only comes from two species; Eucalyptus Regnans (Mountain Ash) and Eucalyptus Delegatensis (Alpine Ash). This means Victorian Ash has a limited range of colours, but still possesses the same attributes as its Tasmanian counterpart. 

Tasmanian Oak

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