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Most of our acoustic doors are fire rated, so they perform the dual function of blocking sound and limiting the travel of fire and smoke at your facility in Melbourne, VIC.

Acoustic Doors in Melbourne, Victoria

One thing that customers will always notice is if there is a lack of sound-proofing at a business or facility in Melbourne, VIC. Unfortunately, some things are not meant to be heard by the public or those who are simply stopping in to enjoy your retail or commercial facility. At Spartan Doors, we can help you solve some of your sound-proofing concerns by providing acoustic doors that help to keep sound contained and offer greater privacy where needed.

About Acoustic Doors

At Spartan Doors, we construct our acoustic doors utilising special core and steel internals. The finish is flush Ply or Duracote with a nominal thickness of 46 to 50mm, but the doors have acoustic ratings of Rw31 to Rw39 when used in conjunction with Raven or Lorient Seals. Our acoustic doors are perfect for use in cinemas, theatres, schools and even office environments where noise control is important.  The materials that form the doors as well as the seals around the perimeter help absorb or block sound waves from penetrating the doors or traveling between the door frame and the door itself.

Most of our acoustic doors are also fire rated, so they perform the dual function of blocking sound and limiting the travel of fire and smoke.  Because fire codes frequently require doors to be fire-rated in commercial and public venues, this makes our acoustic doors the perfect solution for both functions.

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Here at Spartan Doors, we provide the highest quality acoustic doors in Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia. Our doors are sure to keep you and your products safe in any circumstance.

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