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soundproof doors and what you need to knowSoundproof doors and what you need to know- We think we all know what it is, what it achieves and how it works. However, here is a simplified explanation for you to know what you need to consider when getting soundproof doors.

How Does It Work?

Any type of door can reduce sound but that doesn’t make it how does a soundproof door really works? To simplify, sound travel via sound waves through air and sometimes by water. So the trick is to minimize the or thoroughly cover the airwave passages. This is where the construction of the door including its perimeter comes into play.

Factors to Consider

1. Mass

Thickness and solidity of a material have a great significance in minimizing sound. Hence the mass of material used for your door is a big factor.

2. Damping

As mentioned earlier, noise travels via soundwaves. So like halting a wave’s current will also halt the traveling sound.

3. Absorption

Sound absorption is the ability to stop the noise to bounce back.

4. Insulation

Sound insulation is when you use acoustic barriers/ insulation materials to block all soundwave passages. The more are of the door is covered the better the effect.

Where are soundproof doors used?

  • Auditoriums
  • Studios
  • Schools & Universities
  • Libraries
  • Hotel rooms
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Interrogation rooms
  • Performance venues

Spartan Doors Acoustic Doors

Spartan Doors offer acoustic doors for soundproofing all kinds of venues. We customize and make any style you prefer. May it be single/ double swinging or sliding door, even fire rated soundproof door.

If you have any soundproofing needs, contact us for our professional services.

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