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solid core door vs hollow core doorA door is a door, a lot of people might say, however, knowing the right one to use is always an advantage one way or another. Using the right door, the appropriate door keeps you secure and saves you maintenance money in the long run. In line with this, we’d like to tell you more about solid core door vs hollow core door before you decide what is it that you really need.

Solid Core Door (SCD)

Solid core door to summarize is made of high moisture resistant MDF timber wrapped in either wood or metal ply sheets.

Hollow Core Door (HCD)

Hollow core doors are not really hollow per se. It commonly contain honeycomb-like structure made of fiberboard in lieu of solid timbers. It is also covered in ply sheets.

Solid Core Door vs Hollow Core Door

Needless to say, SCD is more durable as opposed to HCD because of their “make-up”. However, HCD doesn’t necessarily mean it’s flimsy. It can still be well made but of course, not as heavy duty as an SCD.

SCD has no hollow space inside the ply sheets hence sound waves can definitely be blocked more effectively.

Also due to the makeup and materials used SCD can definitely give more security and is harder to break into compared to HCD.

Utility/ Versatility
SCD will definitely hold door hardwares/ accessories better and more securely compared to hollow core doors.

Hollow core door is recommended for indoor use only, ideally for residential use as it might also not withstand commercial use for a long time. On the other hand, solid core doors can be used outdoors depending on the material and workmanship. As mentioned earlier, solid core doors can also have a metal sheet exterior instead of wooden ply. This makes it possible for a solid core door to be suitable for outdoor use.

If you are really on a tight budget, that is where hollow core doors come in handy. They are considerably cheaper than solid core door so still worth thinking over especially if its only for indoor usage

Hope this article has helped you decide what it is you really need and what is most suitable. If you have any more questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to address your inquiries and provide our best recommendations.

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