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Industrial Doors in Brisbane, QLD

At Spartan Doors, we know it’s important to be able to provide your customers with the doors they need for any building or occasion. But what about the care and maintenance of these doors once they are installed? As a manufacturer of high-quality doors, we know that good care at the most basic level will help keep our doors working efficiently for years to come.

Like any door or frame, Industrial Door Maintenance is needed regardless of if it is installed in a commercial or industrial setting. We’ve provided a few tips you can share with your customers when they purchase industrial doors, so they feel confident their investment will work well for them going forward.

  1. General maintenance on industrial doors is required to maintain safety codes.
  2. The frequency at which you need to complete routine maintenance depends upon the frequency of their use. For example, if your industrial doors are only used 5 times per day on average, they may need a quick maintenance check once per year. However, if your doors are used frequently with an average of 30-40 times per day, monthly or bi-monthly maintenance is recommended.
  3. Although you may be able to complete basic maintenance on your industrial doors, please make sure to refer to a specialist when moving parts or parts under tension need to be addressed.
  4. There are multiple things you can do daily to ensure that your industrial doors are in their best condition. Make a quick checklist to assist with the process as you walk through your facility. These items may include:
    1. No visible damage
    2. Excessive force is not required for entry
    3. Door components are clean
    4. There are no unusual sounds as you open and close the door
  5. Keep abreast of the manufacturer’s information about proper door maintenance and usage.
  6. Make sure to have a specialist check your doors according to the proper usage and maintenance schedule.

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