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Depending on the level of security your Brisbane, QLD location needs, you can choose security doors ranging from low to high.

Security Doors in Brisbane, Queensland

Working with a company that provides quality manufacturing and skilled engineering when your customers are looking for security doors is the only way to ensure that requirements are met. At Spartan Doors, we manufacture industrial capacity security doors that work well for a variety of applications, both for building projects and commercial use.

We named our different classes of security doors around the term “Bulwark,” meaning defence, security or protection.  Depending on the level of security needed, you can choose security doors ranging from low to high, beginning with a product suitable for industrial buildings and sheds (Bulwark 2000). Commonly used in secure facilities, our mid-range security doors are ideal for applications in airports, refineries, LNG plants and power stations (Bulwark 4000-6000). Our top-range security doors are used in locations that require strong rooms (Bulwark 10K).

Our lowest level security door offers an excellent replacement option for industrial facilities that require increased security. Budget and security requirements may be the other determining factors for choosing the doors that will meet the needs of your customers. The types of security doors available here at Spartan Doors include:

·         Metal doors

·         Panic room doors

·         Reinforced steel doors

·         Steel doors

·         Strong room doors

In addition to our security doors in Brisbane, QLD, we provide industrial door frames and door hardware options, depending upon your application. We should note, however, that some of the frame and hardware options may be mandatory to ensure accurate security with some of our higher-tier doors.

At Spartan Doors, we offer expert service and reliable packaging and can assist you when you need to provide specific security doors for your customers. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and applications for a building project or commercial site in Brisbane, Queensland.

Here at Spartan Doors, we provide the highest quality security doors to meet your commercial and industrial needs in BrisbaneNewcastle, Sydney, and Melbourne, Australia.

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