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Updating Our Quality Assurance Systems

In April, Spartan Doors improved its quality assurance systems through digitising quality forms and processes. This was achieved by implementing digital procedures and quality check forms to improve transparency and consistency throughout. This shift to online forms and procedures is an effective method of tracking and maintaining quality across every project for every customer. Other forms and procedures have also been digitised such as daily startup and shutdown procedures for our factory and machines, increasing efficiency, safety and compliance.

Digitising our quality assurance systems has provided Spartan Doors with several benefits. Such as

  • Enforcing data entry to reduce missing data
  • Enabling a cloud based recording system that makes it easier to find and store QA records
  • Giving customers access to their own quality documents so they can review their project and its production
  • The ability to enter data in real-time, ultimately reducing delays and improving transparency
  • Allowing for higher quality data to be captured on mobile forms (phones, iPads) which can be quickly uploaded and reviewed
  • “Required” fields on essential information for quality assurance records
  • Pre-populating fields on certain forms with company information
  • Allowing for images to be added by the customer or employee
  • Digitising other company forms such as order forms, daily procedures, delivery forms, machinery procedures and database updates
  • Reducing the amount of time and effort spent on administrative tasks

Daily Shutdown Procedure

    The biggest advantage of digitising our quality assurance systems is the improved customer experience. Customers now have access to their own quality documents so they can review their products and communicate any issues they may find. This improves transparency between both parties and creates higher quality products.

    For more information about our capabilities, contact us via [email protected] or call 1300 784 852.

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