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At Spartan Doors, we value the safety of our customers. For that reason, we offer high-quality, tested and certified pressed metal door frames and offer a broad selection of other door frames that comply with the Australian building code requirements.

Not all pressed metal door frames are fire rated though. Just because a door frame is manufactured out of metal, it doesn’t guarantee the frame can withstand the heat and pressure of a fire. 

Pressed Metal Door Frames

To be fire rated, pressed metal door frames need to be certified and the rating must be consistent with the fire resistance level (FRL) rating of the door itself. This information is registered in a tag that must sit on the door and the frame, indicating the fire resistant level, manufacturer’s name, and year of manufacturing. 

Whenever the Australian building regulations demand the installation of a fire door, the requirement extends to every component. Everything must be fire resistant, including the frame. A fire door must have a compatible frame to ensure optimal fire protection. It would be pointless to have a fire rated door with a frame not capable of supporting the same fire exposure. In the event of a fire, these details must never be overlooked. 

Pressed Metal Door Frames

The advantages of fired rated pressed metal door frames

Fire resistant door frames are part of an integrated fire protection system. The entire doorset acts as a fire barrier, including the hinges, knobs and panels. When closed, fire doors stop any smoke, flames and toxic gasses from spreading across the building. The level of protection provided by the entire door set depends on how long it can resist the passage of gasses and flames through the cracks. The Australian Standard requires that all the fittings installed with a fire doorset must comply with the fire rating of that particular doorset.

To pass a fire rating test, the frame must follow certain rules, including: 

  • It must be made out of a fire rated material.
  • It must leave the proper gap between the door leaf and the frame.
  • It should have fire resistant seals that expand when in contact with heat.
  • It needs to allow for the adequate jamb depth in accordance with fire door regulations.

Our fire rated pressed metal door frames are manufactured with 1.4-1.6mm steel Zincanneal made in Australia. The guaranteed quality and resistance are backed by individual product testing and secure installation procedures. We also offer a series of fire resistant hardware to complement the standards of the frame. 

Follow the frame ordering guide and fill out the ordering form to purchase your fire door frames. You can read more about Spartan Doors fire rated steel door frames here

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