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Recently we completed a project where we manufactured a prehung galvanised louvre door system ready for multi-purpose use ideally in an external setting where ventilation, exhaust, or return air is required. For this project, the product was delivered to Brisbane, Queensland for use in a public toilet block. Below is a completed product that is ready to be sent to our customer!

Prehung Galvanised Louvre Door System

These systems are super easy to install as the door is already prehung so all that needs to be done on-site is to bolt the unit into place. Generally, Spartan Doors does not provide installation services however we are more than happy to often arrange delivery if required by the customer.

This particular unit is being installed in a public toilet block but our stainless steel and galvanised systems are often used in all kinds of high-use and corrosion-prone environments like substations, restaurants, and surf clubs.

Galvanised Steel Louvre Doors

At Spartan Doors we are certified manufacturers of specialised industrial doors and frames for residential, commercial, and industrial applications which are all made at our factory in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales. For more information on any of Spartan Doors products including our prehung galvanised louvre door system, please contact us via email at doors@spartandoors.com.au or by phone at 1300 784 852.

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