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In order for us to understand plywood doors, we need to understand first its main component which is the plywood itself. Here are some basic information.

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What is a plywood and how is it made?


Plywoods are glued together sheets of woods. These sheets (ply) are peeled from tree logs using rotary cut and flattened. Afterwards, they are arranged, glued and pressed on top of each other in a way that the grain patterns are “criss-crossed”. This method makes it more sturdy.


  1. Image below shows “Rotary cutting” of whole logs to peel off thin wood veneers

plywood doors

  1. Ply/ veneers being flattened before they are stacked together.

plywood doors

  1. Several pieces of ply pressed together (minimum of 3 stacks of veneers to make a plywood)

plywood doors

 Grain patterns from a raw veneer of wood

plywood doors


Plywood materials


Plywoods can either be made of hardwood or softwood. Needless to say, hardwood is more durable hence would last longer as opposed to softwood.


Examples of hardwoods are acacia, aspen, basswood, chestnut, and teak.


Examples of softwoods are cedar, cypress, fir, and pine.


Types of Plywoods


  1. Commercial MR grade – MR meaning moisture resistant and not 100% waterproof, this type of plywood is recommended for indoor/ interior use only. The adhesive used for binding this type of plywood is Urea formaldehyde resin.


  1. BWR grade – BWR meaning boiling water resistant plywood. This type of plywood is suitable for outdoor applications and is really waterproof, unlike MR grade plywoods. The adhesive used for binding this type of plywood is Phenol-formaldehyde.


  1. Marine plywood – From the name itself, it notates that this type of plywood can be and is usually used to wherein a long exposure to water is anticipated. That being said, it is safe to say that marine plywood is the most superior type of plywood among its peers.


Aside from the 3 types mentioned above, there are other types of plywoods such as flexible plywood, film faced, structural and fire retardant plywoods.


Spartan Plywood Doors


Spartan Doors caters to all door application needs. If you are in need of plywood doors, just let us know what type and the specifications you need. If you are unsure of the best type of door to use, we can provide you with our professional recommendation. Contact us today.

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