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Spartan Doors utilises a variety of materials for our door cores including particleboard. As an established manufacturer we understand the unique qualities of each component and we take advantage of the properties of different materials to develop the best-performing cores. 


What Is Particleboard? 

An artificially engineered wood, also known as chipboard or low-density fiberboard, particleboard is manufactured from wood chips or shavings bonded together with a synthetic resin or binder by exposure to heat or pressure. 

Fun fact – It was first developed during World War II when the low supply of wood called for urgent alternatives!

This alternative was created by Inferior wood and waste wood being reduced to particles and formed into a panel bound together using an adhesive resin. Today, technological advances have allowed the use of other timbering residues in the manufacturing of this product, such as sawdust and recycled wood, and even non-wood materials like bagasse. Fabrication was also improved by using a layering system, placing large particles in the core and finer ones in the outer layers for better surface finishes. 


Versus Other Door Core Materials

Rarely used in outdoor applications, particleboard is perfect as an underlayment or infill with an internal timber perimeter. This is known as particle board core, or PBC, and performs well as an insulator, for example in acoustic doors. It replaces conventional wood and plywood to increase density at a lower cost. It is lightweight, smooth and uniform, resistant to compression, and can be coated or laminated for moisture resistance, as well as treated with fire retardants or preservative chemicals. 

Particleboard is a popular core material in wooden furniture, interior cupboards and work surfaces. In residential and industrial constructions, it is often found in walls and floor panels. At Spartan Doors we take advantage of the great qualities of this material when fabricating products such as Flushboards and Lead Lined Doors.

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