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This week Spartan Doors created a custom fire-rated timber door frame for one of our valued customers who was in a bit of a hurry. This project was a great opportunity to test our capabilities and lead time! The timber featured below is an exact match to the one that the customer specified for this project. At Spartan we have a lot of experience with different materials including woods so we are confident that we can product an excellent product with most materials!

fire rated timber door frame

For this project, we cut the rebate on this frame on our CNC machine and customised it to the project specifications. Fortunately these project specifications were within our capabilities statement which can be found on our website. Unlike this project, Spartan Doors generally uses imported Australian quality hardwoods for a professional looking project. Our Fire-Rated Timber Door Frame can be manufactured to a variety of finishes, wall thicknesses, and ratings i.e. 1 hour FRL rating.

Whilst we did not need to for this project, Spartan can also cut out the hinge preparations, provide door hardware, and even pre hang the doors inside the frame to assist installation on-site if needed. For more information please email us at doors@spartandoors.com.au or call 1300 784 852.

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