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Fire doors are doors that are engineered to withstand fire and not to catch fire for a certain time duration (depending on its fire rating). It is also designed to keep smoke from getting through. Hence when we hear fire doors, the first thing that comes to our mind is big and heavy solid and mostly ugly steel doors. However, it need not be. Especially when it comes to internal fire doors, internal fire doors can be effective and still be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


internal fire doorsInternal fire doors usually should at least have a 30-minute fire rating and 30 minutes is a significant amount of time to get yourself to safety. This type of door has become really popular lately since everyone would, of course, want to have any additional line of safety they can get.


The good news is, using an internal fire door for your home or any other establishment’s safety need not compromise your interior design. Spartan doors internal fire doors can now come with different finishes to match your internal decors and still complies with the Australian Fire Safety Code with a 30-minute fire rating or higher depending on your application needs.


There are even “glazed” fire doors, glazed fire doors are the ones that have glass portion so you can see on the other side of the door. Again, even with the glass part of the door as long as it is a certified fire door, it will still be fire and smoke resilient.


Internal fire doors are recommended for use in commercial kitchens and other establishments that are fire prone.


We at Spartan Doors pride ourselves on the high quality of our materials and workmanship. Talk to us and let us know your internal fire door needs. We can customize to match any size, thickness and finishing requirements. If you’re not sure what to get, we can provide you with professional recommendations too.

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