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Spartan Doors has recently received an order for a custom interconnecting Spartan Bulwark 6000 door! This door will be manufactured with a range of customisations before being transported to a local hardware fitter where it will then be shipping to the Solomon Islands for its end user. This project is a great example of Spartan Doors capabilities and the versatility of our door range, in this case the Bulwark door range. 

What Are Bulwark Doors? 

At Spartan Doors we have a range of security doors, also known as Bulwark doors. Our Bulwark range consists of metal doors (Bulwark 2000), steel doors (Bulwark 4000), reinforced steel doors (Bulwark 6000), and strong room doors (Bulwark 10,000). For this order the customer selected a reinforced steel door (Bulwark 6000) for their desired application where a heightened degree of security and protection is required. For more information please refer to the Bulwark 6000 web page on our website. 

What Are Interconnecting Doors? 

In short, interconnecting doors go in to interconnecting door frames which hold two door leaves. These two door leaves are mounted closely behind each other which has a number of benefits including increased sound protection. For the most part, there is no physical limitation to what doors can be interconnected however, for this order we have used our Bulwark 6000. 


Sale Specifications

As mentioned above, this order was full of customisations to suit the client end use. Some of these customisations and specifications include: 

  • Custom door size (up to 2100mm H x 1200mm x 40mm).
  • 3.6mm Plywood finish.
  • Internal RHS sub-frame.
  • Horizontal bracer beams. 

Contact Us! 

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of specialised industrial doors and frames for residential, commercial, and industrial application we are confident that we can offer a suitable solution for any application. For more information on our Bulwark 6000 (reinforced steel) door or out Bulwark Range please contact us via email at doors@spartandoors.com.au or call 1300 784 852F.

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