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Being in the hospitality business is a tough gig. You need to consider your clients in every decision you make as customer’s satisfaction is what will make or break your business. And we at Spartan Doors feel the same, we’d like to make your life easier hence here are some helpful tips on how to choose hotel doors to guide you…

  1. Security

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We all know that one primary concern hotel guests have is their security. That being said, this should be your primary concern too as hotel owner/ manager. Make sure to install doors that is solid enough to be “intruder free”. A door that cannot be opened without proper access (keys/ keycards).

  1. Durability

You wouldn’t want to be replacing your door every so often, do you? Having to spend money on door replacements, or for any other repairs, for that matter, is definitely not good for business. Thus you’d want to have a door that is meant to last. One that can withstand heavy use.

  1. Beauty

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You’d want your hotel interior to be well coordinated. Hence you’d want to choose a door that has a neutral yet classic elegance that ideally can go well with any wallpaper designs. A door that is, if possible can be used and look good with either classic and/ or modern look. This will ensure that you won’t only aesthetically please your guests, you also wouldn’t have to replace your doors when you need to repaint your walls or replace your wallpapers.

  1. Privacy

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I’m sure guests wouldn’t appreciate the housekeeper strolling down the corridor to hear their private conversation. Just like how your sleeping guests definitely wouldn’t want to be disturbed by their next room neighbors who came in really late from a night of drinking. Solid core doors will really be ideal to avoid these problems. It can minimize unwanted sounds from outside the room and viz a viz.

  1. Safety

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Let’s face it. Accidents happen. However, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do anything to avoid it or minimize possible damage at least. Ensuring that your hotel uses fire resistant doors will do just that. It will definitely be an advantage, not only for your guests but more so for you as a hotel owner/ manager. It doesn’t only ensure your guests, but also your staff and all other valuable furniture and fixtures you have in your hotel. Plus, having a compliant fire door will ensure that your insurance company can’t give you a hard time filing a claim.

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