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Spartan Doors was recently involved in a project where we provided custom doors to a hospital located in Victoria.  This project required a range of modifications to a variety of different door and frame types including; Acoustic Doors, Pressed Metal Frames, and Fire Doors.  Some of the modifications we made included the transformation of closer preparations, special acculine door protection laminate, and PVC edging. The above mentioned project is just one example of Spartan Doors capability of offering highly modified custom doors in Victoria and Australia.


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Why Use These Modifications? 

This laminate and edging combination is significant as not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it is also known for its door protection. In practice for a hospital, a common example is where a patient is being moved from one area to another and needs to travel through a door. Often the bed can be used to push the door open, and with a regular door finish such as Plywood of MDF the door becomes severely damaged over time. To overcome this problem, door protection is used. Door protection acts as a barrier that not only looks great but also performs better than the alternatives. In this case, the door protection system that was used was acculine door protection, PVC edging, and laminated door faces. 

custom doors victoria

Challenges Overcome

For this project there were several challenges that had to be overcome. Some of these challenges included providing our products in a timely manner still with the same level of quality that we pride ourselves on. By overcoming this challenge, Spartan Doors delivered another successful product and also gained valuable experience with these acculine door products.

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