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Whether you need a glass panel fitted into an existing door or you need an entirely new door system, Spartan Doors has got you covered. 

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What Is a Glass Panel?

Also called a vision panel, it is a glass sheet fitted and glazed into the door’s leaf. While its main purpose is to serve as a window between two spaces, it is also an important security device. A glass panel reveals a hazard, be it a fire or a threatening visitor, without the need to enter the room. Adding this feature into internal or external doors can also be merely aimed for aesthetic reasons. However, even in this case it would still be advantageous from a practical point of view as it allows for the light to enter the room, making it look bigger and enhancing its atmosphere.

Glass panel installations are common in schools, restaurants, aged care centers and hospitals, as well as prisons and detention centers. Basically, any establishment with high traffic of people going in and out can benefit from having glass panels in their doors. They are even popular in residential properties as a decoration feature for French doors, for example. In any case, they are designed to be impact and, in many cases, also fire and sound resistant.   

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At Spartan Doors, we are experts in seamless installations of vision panels in any kind of door type and finish, including plywood, MDF and veneer. We often work with Robax glass, laminated safety glass and toughened safety glass with the typical thicknesses of 6.38, 10.38 and 12.38mm. However, please notify our team if you have a project with different specifications. Our glass panels always comply with the Australian building regulations

The standard fire-rated vision panel sizes are: 

  • 300mm H x 200mm W
  • 450mm H x 120mm W
  • 600mm H x 100mm W

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