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galvanised steel door

Here’s another galvanised steel door with fire rating going out to a customer in the construction industry.  This door will not only survive well in the elements and keep the premises secure, but it has a 2-hour fire rating.

This door is engineered to be an external-grade fire door as opposed to an internal fire door.

We delivered this galvanised steel door as a complete, pre-hung door system with the door already precisely mounted in a steel door frame.

We also installed top-quality door hardware including a Vinco 6000 Series escape lever, a Vinco fire rated door closer and three, high-quality stainless steel hinges.


Because of the protective zinc coating put to their surface, galvanised doors have various advantages. For starters, galvanisation provides exceptional corrosion resistance, making these doors extremely robust and appropriate for outdoor or harsh applications. They are resistant to rust, moisture, and a variety of environmental conditions, extending their useful life. Second, galvanised doors require less maintenance, which saves time and money in the long run. Galvanisation also improves the structural strength of the doors, making them more durable and able to endure impact or severe use. Finally, galvanised doors may be customised to meet specific needs and available in a range of forms, making them versatile for use in residential, commercial, or industrial environments.

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