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Spartan Doors recently manufactured decorative front entrance doors for a builder which were still compliant under the Australian Standards. These fire doors were made with a thicker MDF skin and a 3-4mm deep recess to match the project’s design. The doors themselves were front entry doors to an apartment that needed to be 1 hour rated. They were made in under a week and express shipped to site in Darling Point NSW.

Fire Doors normally aren’t modified due to the strict testing needed to comply with Australian standards. We ensured that our Fire Core Manual allowed for the thicker skins and offered a solution that both the builder and client were happy to proceed with.

front entrance doors

Our 5 axis CNC machine has the capability to do advanced profiles, which means a square rebated grove in the door was easily produced and programmed. The profile dimensions were a 30mm wide rebate that was 4mm deep and ran a border around the door that was 110mm in from the edge.

This was a smaller project consisting of 10 fire doors and pressed metal frames, which were mostly apartment front entrance doors and service doors. Challenges for the project included COVID restrictions and the site shutdown. Spartan Doors coordinated with the site team to ensure the doors and frames were going to be delivered the first day back on-site.

As mentioned above, we are limited with what we can do with fire doors, but please get in touch and ask us questions as we’ll be able to advise if the design you would like is possible.

For more information on our fire doors, please contact us via email at doors@spartandoors.com.au or call 1300 784 852.

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