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We manufacture certified fire doors for all industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Fire Doors

If you have clients who require fire rated doors for an industrial or commercial project, you know you cannot go just anywhere to find the right doors. Fire doors are designed to keep a property secure in the event of a natural disaster or unexpected incident, so it is important to be able to offer your clients the high-quality doors they require.  At Spartan Doors, we can provide fire doors that you will be happy to offer your clients for their industrial or commercial applications.

smoke doorsAt Spartan Doors, we manufacture fire rated doors that are ideal for use in a number of internal and external settings. These multi-purpose doors are access doors with a fire-resistant vermiculite core and are finished with timber sheets and internal edge strips to provide maximum security. Our fire doors come with framing options, depending upon whether they are single or double width and the direction in which the door will swing open. Although the standard finish for your fire doors is ply sheet, different finishes may be chosen among MDF, Duracote, and Veneer. Additionally, if your client requires increased durability and security, we can use metal sheets with thicknesses up to 1.5mm.

You may also wish to mention our high-quality steel door frames as an excellent addition, depending upon your client’s application and usage. Our steel door frames have an excellent fire rating and offer complete fire protection.

Fire Doors Specifications

  • Based on standard door configuration. Other size, finish, frame and hardware options are available.
  • Size: Single – 2040mm high x 820mm wide x 36mm thick (internal 1-hour).   2040mm high x 920mm wide x 45mm thick (external 2-hour).
  • Double – 2040mm high x 920/920mm wide x 45mm thick (external 2-hour).
  • Design: Incorporates 10mm wide external hardwood edge strips to form a frame around the core in compliance with AS1530 part 4 and AS1905 part 1.
  • Finish: Ply Sheet.
  • Core: Vermiculite Sheet.
  • Weight: 46mm leaf – 40KG.   38mm leaf – 32KG.



To Specify Spartan Fire Doors

Door shall be Spartan Fire Door to AS1530 part 4 standard and certified to AS1905 part 1. 46mm or 38mm thick standard door leaf of vermiculite covered with ply sheet. Timber internal edge strip to surround core material.

Other hardware and seals can be fitted by Spartan Doors as required.

Fire Rated Doors Downloads

Product Sheet

If you would like more information about our fire rated doors and other customisable door options, contact us at Spartan Doors for more information.

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Here at Spartan Doors, we provide the highest quality fire rated doors to help increase security at your home, office, or warehouse in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia.