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We manufacture fire rated doors ideal for internal and external use in industrial, commercial and residential applications in Brisbane, QLD.

When your customer needs fire rated doors for their facility, knowing that you can provide them with the doors they need will ensure their satisfaction and the security of their building. At Spartan Doors, we manufacture doors that are ideal for internal and external use in industrial, commercial and residential applications in Brisbane, QLD.

Fire Rated Doors in Brisbane, Queensland

Our fire doors are made of hardwood timbre strips to form a frame around a fire-resistant vermiculite core. Because fire protection is often required at commercial and industrial facilities, our fire rated doors are manufactured in accordance with AS1530 part 4 and are certified to AS1905 part 1 of the building code standards.

At Spartan Doors, we know that having industrial doors with professional finishes can make a difference in the functionality and security of the doors and your facility. We offer varying finishes to provide a professional look to fire rated doors while maintaining their durability, with the standard finish being ply sheet. Other finishes available include MDF, Duracote and veneer. Metal sheets with thicknesses up to 1.5mm can be used to increase durability and security.

Additionally, a large range of hardware options is available and can be fitted upon request. You can also choose your framing selections depending upon your customer’s need for single or double width and swing choice. Other hardware and seals can be fitted by our team at Spartan Doors as required.

Our fire doors are appropriate for a variety of applications, including warehouses, basement offices, schools, maintenance facilities, hospitals, residential units, and shopping centres. If you have questions about any of our doors or you need to place an order to fill a customer request, contact us at Spartan Doors today.

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Here at Spartan Doors, we provide the highest quality fire rated doors to help increase security at your home, office, or warehouse in Brisbane,  Newcastle, Sydney, and Melbourne, Australia.

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