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At Spartan Doors, we manufacture strong double swinging door frames with reliable structures and seamless finishes. We are experts in delivering customised door systems with sturdy and durable frames for a broad range of applications.


What Are Double Swinging Door Frames? 

Double swinging doors are doors that swing in two directions allowing the easy passage of people and loads between two areas. Interestingly, what guarantees the fast and efficient movement in and out of a room is not the door itself, but the double swinging door frames. 

The proper installation of double door frames, either with double acting hinges or centre suspension, is crucial for a smooth bidirectional opening of a double door system. The hardware within the frame is what facilitates the safe operation of the door, determines the pressure required to move the panels and, in some cases, ensures that they return safely to the closed position.


Double Swinging Doors


Why Use Double Action Door Systems? 

Double action door frames are the best choice for those who value efficiency as much as aesthetics. The benefits of installing these doors include: 

  • Impact resistance: the frames support the door to resist the pressure of loads or fast-pace walking. 
  • Insulation: these doors can be customised, for example with fire-rated and/or soundproof materials. 
  • Vision panels: possible screening functions. 
  • Customisation: a variety of materials and finishes to match the building’s design.


Double Swinging Doors


Uses Of Double Swinging Door Frames

For these reasons, double swinging door frames allow for expedited traffic and reliable protection in multiple environments: 

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Restaurants and food processing facilities, walk-in coolers and dining areas
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Shipping areas and loading docks
  • Hotels and casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Retail stocking areas


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At Spartan Doors, we design and install high quality door systems in a variety of materials. Our team of experts will make sure your entire door system including panels, hinges, frames and any additional hardware is consistent in terms of quality, efficiency and finish. For more information on double door frames and panels, please contact us via email at doors@spartandoors.com.au or call 1300 784 852.

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