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Spartan Doors cares about the details in every design and fabrication, including a very important component in a door system – the door rebate. While non-rebated doors close into a uniform surface, the overlapping finish in rebated doors offers great benefits, some of which are about to be explained! For a quick overview check out our Door Frame Measurement Guide resource found on our website alongside a range of other useful documents. 

What Is A Door Rebate? 

A door rebate is just one piece of the puzzle for a frame profile alongside other features such as the door stop, return, and architrave. Nevertheless, it is a pivotal feature that is essentially an indentation channelled out of the edge of a frame. As the door closes, this groove removes the gap between the door and the frame, preventing drafts thus providing better insulation and protection. From a structural point of view, a door rebate integrates the door stop into the door jamb, interlocking the door and frame for an air tight fit. 

Why Consider A Door Rebate?

As briefly mentioned above there are also non-rebated doors which have no indentation and with the door closed you will see a uniform surface.  However, the alternative of using door rebates offers a range of benefits for the majority of applications such as internal, external, and specialised doors. One of the large benefits and considerations is Spartan Doors ability to offer a variety of rebate sizes depending on required specifications i.e. fire-rated and non-rated. 

The following specifications are used for our frames: 

  • Fire-rated = 45mm, 52mm
  • Non-rated = 40mm, 45mm, 50mm  

door rebate


You can enjoy the advantages of a rebated door in all kinds of applications, such as:

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Spartan Doors guarantees that every door, frame, or accessory meets the promised certifications and ratings necessary for its specialised applications. We test each component to ensure that they match the standards of the other elements in the door system. For more information on any of our frames utilising various rebate sizes, please contact us via email at doors@spartandoors.com.au or call 1300 784 852.

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