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Spartan Doors utilises a simple ready-to-use Door Jamb Calculator that is able to be used for most residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The role of a door jamb is often understated and misunderstood given that attention is largely placed on the door, frame, and accessories. However, door jambs play a pivotal role in the overall completion of the ‘package’ irrespective of its intended use. As such, it is essential that the dimensions are known which can be easily calculated through Spartan Doors Door Jamb Calculator. 


door jamb calculator


What is a Door Jamb? 

A common misconception is that the door jamb is the visible framing (architrave) on the outside of the doors when in fact it is the frame parts that maintain the panel in position all around the door. When calculating door jamb size there are five main dimensions to focus on: reveal height, overall height, reveal length, overall length, and the door size. Depending on several factors such as the intended use and height different Australian Standards apply. 


How do I Calculate Door Jamb Size?

With regards to the calculation of door jamb size, there are two simple relationships that exist between reveal heights/lengths and overall heights/lengths. 

Reveal height + architrave dimension = Overall height

Reveal width + (architrave x 2) = Overall width

To understand the above generic relationships it is key to understand the meaning of the five dimensions previously mentioned. 


Reveal width

  • The width of (generally) the horizontal internal bottom panel along the door

Overall width

  • The width of the reveal width + the width of the reveal height + the width of the overall height

Reveal height

  • The height of the stile, that is the vertical component that sits on the outside of the door

Overall height

  • The height of the lock stile which is the vertical edge of the door on the opposite side to the hinges

Door size

  • The full size of the door used, irrespective of design e.g. fireproof 


Calculating Door Sizes – Downloads

The following documents explains the requirements of a door jambs size in a general sense. 


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