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We now export doors!

Spartan Doors are now official door exporters. The company recently completed a large manufacturing order for a business in Papua New Guinea. The order included Maxi and Mini fire doors, fire rated vision panels, metal frames and hardware. International projects are becoming increasingly attractive to door exporters because of the quality and cost of Australian products.

There were no issues during production and we even provided storage for the pallets while the customer arranged their freight. The customer’s freight consolidator was repacking the order and loading them into a container, meaning Spartan Doors did not have to package the order ready for international shipping with treated pallets, but this can be done if needed. The doors, frames, panels, and hardware were successfully exported to the satisfied customer.

Door Exporters

This was a big milestone for the company as it was our first international project. It demonstrates that Spartan Doors has the experience and capability to manufacture doors to Australian and international standards. It also shows that we are trusted by the Australian door industry enough to be chosen as an export product. We encourage exporting customers to arrange their preferred freight as it saves time and materials for both parties. 

Door Exporters

Spartan Doors is excited to provide high-quality doors to customers all over the world. If your business is looking to export doors or if you require more information on our manufacturing capabilities, please contact us today via email at doors@spartandoors.com.au or call 1300 784 852. 

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