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We’ve heard of fire resistant or fire rated doors or both, but really, is there any difference between them. Is it a big deal to know about this technicality? The answer is yes. As building constructors and/ or contractors, we definitely should be aware of the difference between fire rated and fire resistant doors. Making a mistake when selecting safety doors can lead to a disaster.

difference between fire rated and fire resistant door

Fire Resistant Door

A fire resistant door is a door made of any fire-resistant materials. Hence, even ordinary steel doors can somehow be fire resistant as it takes a certain high temperature to melt certain type of steel. Hence, a steel door will “resist” fire for quite some time before it melts or catches fire.

Fire Rated Door

A fire rated door, on the other hand, is what you would want to get. When we say a door is fire rated, it means that a certain door built is tested to withstand fire at a specified temperature for a certain time duration. Fire doors can be rated 30, 60 or 120 minutes. That is the span of time that they are able to avoid catching fire as well as stop passage of fire and smoke from one building partition to the next.

Fire rated doors need not be solid steel, it can even be glazed (with glass window installed) and still be an effective part of passive fire protection system.

Now that we already know the difference between fire rated and fire resistant doors, the next time you need to purchase a fire door, ensure that you are getting a fire rated door instead of those that just claim to be fire resistant. You can talk to us at Spartan Dooors to know more about fire doors that comply with the Australian Fire Safety Standards.

Here at Spartan Doors, we pride ourselves on the high-quality material and workmanship of our products. They can be customized to any size, thickness and finish that you require. We’d love to hear from you so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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