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We manufacture custom security doors compliant with SCEC standards. Custom security doors

The SCEC (Security Construction and Equipment Committee) is responsible for the evaluation of security equipment used by Australian Government departments and agencies. Because door security is paramount in high security environments, products used in Australian Government buildings, such as doors and frames, must be manufactured to the highest level of security and quality. Importantly, solid timber or flush panel block board core doors can be used for all security zones.

The SCEC uses a ‘SEEPL’ (Security Equipment Evaluated Products List), which lists all of the products and equipment that are approved for use in high security environments. This list is categorised into levels that outline where the approved products can be used.

  1. SL1 (Security Level 1) – for low threat areas
  2. SL2 – for medium-low threat areas
  3. SL3 – products that are approved for medium threat levels
  4. SL4 – high threat level areas

SCEC Frame Requirements

The following are requirements for a door frame to be SCEC compliant:

  • Door frames must be fabricated from cold-formed steel and have a minimum thickness of 1.6mm
  • Door frames must be permanently fixed, flush to the adjoining wall studs
  • Door frame hinges must be screw fixed to the frames with a minimum of four (4) hinges per door

SCEC Door Requirements

The following are requirements for a door to be SCEC compliant (Zones 3 to 5):

  • The door must have a minimum thickness of 45mm – this thickness applies to door types such as secure fire doors or acoustic doors
  • The block board core centre of the door must have a minimum thickness of 35mm – timber, plywood or cross branded LVL blocks are applicable
  • Green timber doors must not be used – the SCEC recommends seasoned hardwood doors

Spartan Doors Compliance

Spartan Doors has experience in SCEC projects and meets its strict requirements through extensive manufacturing and quality check procedures. Our SCEC door range has over 30 variations and the finishes include MDF, Ply and Weatherproof Ply. The doors are manufactured with a minimum block board core thickness of 35mm as specified by the SCEC and the ASIO T4 Protective Security board. Our Documents page has quality, insurance and product information that outlines our quality procedures, product maintenance and warranties.

Custom Security Door Capabilities

Spartan Doors manufacture custom security doors for a variety of industries. We offer specialised doors such as blast proof doors, bullet proof doors as well as our full Bulwark range, which begins from standard metal security doors all the way up to strong room doors.

For more information about our custom security doors, or our SCEC compliance, please contact us today at [email protected] or call 1300 784 852.

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