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Spartan Doors manufactures a range of bulwark doors, sometimes also referred to as security doors. In line with compliance regulations we offer a range of frame and hardware options, some of which are mandatory to ensure security is not compromised. At the moment we offer 4 variations of bulwark doors:

Recently we have been involved in a project where some of our custom bulwark doors, also known as security doors are being used as machine room doors at the top of a 60m high shipping container crane. For this project, the client has selected our bulwark 4000 (steel door) for the above application in line with regulations and pre-existing knowledge. That being said, any of our diverse range of bulwark doors would offer a high degree of security and quality. 

Custom Bulwark Doors

Project Specifications

For this project the following specifications have been selected: 

  • Bulwark 4000 door (steel door)
  • Size up to 2100mm (H) x 930mm (W) x 35mm (T)
  • Internal subframe inside of door panel 
  • Vision panel cutout –  690mm (H) x 430mm (W) 

For the vision panel cutout referenced above, Spartan Doors has provided a clear laminated glass vision panel to the size mentioned above with a thickness of 10.38mm. 

Custom Bulwark Doors

Project Challenges 

This project is set to be delivered to Ingleburn, New South Wales after a 12-month pause on this project as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period our experienced team was unable to attend the site in order to get accurate measurements to ensure a premium product. 

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The above project highlights only one example of the use of Spartan Doors’ custom bulwark doors, whereas some other examples include shopping centres, schools, and sheds. For more information on any of our bulwark doors or other products please contact us via email at [email protected] or call 1300 784 852.

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