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When we hear “industrial”, the first thing that comes to mind is sturdy enough for commercial use. This is true and generally applies to almost everything. However, sturdy isn’t always enough especially when it comes to door hardware. A door’s accessories ability to withstand commercial use doesn’t solely depend on its durability. That being said, we’ve put together a few factors to consider in choosing the right industrial door hardware.

Choosing The Right Industrial Door Hardware

Types of Door Hardware & What To Consider When Choosing


Choosing The Right Industrial Door HardwareDoor Locks

When choosing a door lock, you need to consider the amount of security you need from that particular door. For minimum security requirements such as indoor office doors or public restroom doors, a doorknob can do the job. You’ll just have to choose what type of door knob will be most applicable for your intended use. Some types of door knobs are keyed entry knobs, privacy knobs, passage knobs and dummy knobs.

For other application though, that will require a tighter security like outdoor store doors or office front doors, deadbolts & deadlatches will be more advisable. For corporate facilities that require limited accessibility on some of their area/ rooms, a keyless door lock is recommended.

Choosing The Right Industrial Door HardwareHinges

For door hinges, “screw on” hinges are mostly used for indoors and low security offices/ facilities. However, for outdoors, especially in high-risk areas, it is recommended to use invisible hinges to avoid vandalism and forced entry.



Choosing The Right Industrial Door HardwareHandles & Push Plates

What is highly recommended for this type of door accessory, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use is stainless steel. Though this might not be always exposed to harmful elements, the fact that it is always the point of contact makes it prone to corrosion.


Choosing The Right Industrial Door HardwareDoor Closers & Holders

When it comes to door holders and closers, the primary factor that needs to be considered is the expected door traffic. Of course, heavy duty ones are always recommended. Electric types are used to heavier doors like bolts.



Choosing The Right Industrial Door HardwareStrikes

Strikes will really depend on the bolt that will be used. Most deadbolts and even doorknobs already come paired with applicable door strikes.




Contact Spartan Doors for more information on choosing the right industrial door hardware. We have a wide selection that you can choose from and we can provide you with a professional recommendation of what will work best for you.

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