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Blast Door Equipment

At Spartan Doors, we manufacture our blast doors to the highest safety standards in the industry. This means using the highest quality equipment to ensure a durable door is delivered to customers. Blast proof doors are commonly used in nuclear facilities, chemical plants, military bases, or any environment where security is paramount due to external factors. The doors protect people and property from fire, explosions, hazardous emissions and/or terrorist threats. If you require blast proof doors due to your line of work or a specific project, you can feel confident that our doors are up for the job.

The Spartan Doors blast proof door is designed to provide maximum security and safety at a blast site. Specifically, our Durablast DBD doors can withstand explosions and remain unaffected by prolonged periods of fire. In order to test for their strength and durability, our blast doors were independently tested at the Building Research Establishment at Cardington UK,  which focuses on the offshore market. These doors can withstand blast pressures up to 1.52 Bar with a four-hour fire rating and provide the safety and security required for any application.

Pictured below, the safety glass used in our blast proof doors is extremely thick to protect whoever or whatever is behind the door.

Blast Door
Blast Door

The Durablast DBD system offers years of use by combining specialist energy-absorbing, durable materials to provide long-term blast resistance. Additionally, as the system maintains its integrity, it also offers protection against moisture and blast impact. Our blast proof doors can be used in a diverse range of industrial and commercial settings, and your clients will feel confident their doors have been tested before use.

Spartan Doors offer top manufacturing quality by utilising skilled engineering to provide blast doors that will withstand just about anything. We can also discuss your needs for resale and distribution if you have multiple clients with a need for blast proof doors or other industrial capacity doors and frames.

Blast Door

For more information about our blast doors, please contact us via email at doors@spartandoors.com.au or call 1300 784 852.

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