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ballistic rated door

We recently took delivery of this rather impressive (and heavy) sheet of high-grade steel for the fabrication of a ballistic rated door.  The 10mm steel plate is BISALLOY® Armour HHA 500 steel and the door will be rated to AS/NZS 2343:1997 level R2 to stop 3 strikes from a 7.62mm rifle round as well as S1 that will stop a 12 gauge shotgun shell.

The Bisalloy steel is quenched and tempered making it suitable for both civilian and military applications where both lightweight and high bullet and projectile penetration resistance is required.

This high-security, reinforced steel door will be made of several layers of sheeting and finishing materials laminated to this armour plate.  The idea is that the plate stops and fractures the projectile while the layered materials catch the resulting spalling and bullet splash.

Here are a couple of diagrams that might help you understand this concept.

Bullet splash is pretty much what it sounds like and is what happens when a relatively soft object, in this case, a bullet, hits a very hard surface such as the armoured steel plate inside this door.  The bullet shatters and fragments bounce off the plate much like a water balloon hitting a wall.  This material still has a lot of energy and can act like shrapnel from an explosion so it is important that the door contain and neutralise it.

ballistic rated doors

Spalling is what can happen on the other side of the armoured plate from the bullet splash.  Spalling actually results from the impact of the projectile fragmenting the target itself with pieces of the target then becoming potentially deadly projectiles.  The lining materials of our ballistic rated doors also work to contain this potential threat.

ballistic rated doors

If you require bulletproof doors or a ballistic rated door for both civilian and military applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ballistic rated door

If you’d like more information on Australian ballistic door ratings, please check out our Guide to Bulletproof and Ballistic Doors.

Guide to Bulletproof and Ballistic Doors


The door will be able to

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