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Never overlook the details when it comes to protection and confidentiality. For highly effective soundproofing, every acoustic door panel construction requires efficient acoustic door seals.

For that reason, Spartan Doors offers concealed bottom drop seals, bat-wing and flexi-wing seals as well as surface-mounted perimeter automatic door seals to complete a fully isolating construction. High quality soundproofing enhances the performance of residential and commercial buildings because it prevents sound contamination and guarantees the privacy of each individual space. Isolation works by filtering sounds before they enter or leave a room. There are two ways in which sound travels: 

  • Through the air.
  • Through the structure of a building, in the form of vibration.
Acoustic door seals

Doors are generally the weakest point in any door system. In a room, the door is usually the main culprit for leaking airborne sounds and structural vibrations from outside and within. While a solid door leaf can resist a variety of sounds, noises eventually find their way through the gaps between the door, walls and floor. Automatic door seals operate with highly efficient spring loaded mechanisms that restrict the transfer of sounds. The seals automatically lift clear of the floor when the door opens, to ensure the comfort of the people passing through. 

When do you need acoustic seals?

Our acoustic door seals filter sound disturbances in multi-occupancy environments and multi-purpose facilities, such as educational and medical buildings, businesses, offices and hotels. Acoustic door seals complement high density door structures, offering the highest insulating standards. This is particularly useful in buildings with specific environments that require proper space separation. Plus, it is helpful in areas with high outdoor sound contamination. Some of the environments that benefit are: 

  • Auditoriums
  • Schools and universities
  • Conference rooms
  • Hotels
  • Buildings located next to railways, highways or airports
  • Medical laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Substations
  • Pump rooms
  • Cinemas
Acoustic door seals

Our high quality acoustic door seals have been tested to ensure optimal performance and assembly. In many cases, the performance of a sealing system equals the performance of a fully caulked door. This means the acoustic door seals will raise the acoustic ratings in your door system. 

At Spartan Doors, we offer acoustic door with screwfixed automatic seals. We also offer seals equipped to prevent the transfer of smoke and fire through the gaps, in accordance with local fire door regulations and standards. This also makes them suitable for security applications in addition to their sound attenuation qualities.

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