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The Spartan Door Acoustic Door Range is one of our specialised door offerings built to suit our customers residential, commercial, and industrial applications where noise reduction between two areas is needed. Our range of acoustic doors offers customers a multitude of choices such as acoustic ratings of Rw30-Rw39, nominal door thicknesses of 37mm-46mm, and a selection of skins such as MDF or Plywood. As a result of Spartan Doors’ inception in 2002, we have a longstanding list of successful client applications including theatres, apartment buildings, and pump rooms.  

Acoustic Door Range

Acoustic Door Benefits

There are countless benefits to using an acoustic door, some common benefits include: 

  • Noise reduction
      • An obvious benefit of utilising an acoustic door. These doors are the superior way to ensure that details of a private meeting are not heard by people outside, outside noise can not travel inward, and noise is minimised when entering a room. 
  • Privacy 
      • Building off the above, these doors mean that any interactions that are private are confined to one place. A specific example would be in human resource offices where more often than not discussions are confidential. 
  • Flexibility/Diversity
      • As outlined above, there are countless different uses in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 
  • Customisability 
      • As will be discussed below, the Spartan Doors Acoustic Range offers a lot of customisability for clients. 


Whilst the applications are seemingly endless some common applications of the Spartan Doors Acoustic Door Range are: 

  • Theatres 
  • Schools 
  • Office buildings 
  • Cinemas 
  • Substations 
  • Pump rooms

Acoustic Door Range


There is a wide range of specifications that can be applied to our acoustic door range however in some cases specifications may limit the maximum rating of the door. Nevertheless, some common specifications include: 

Rw30 & Rw31

  • Nominal door thickness of ~37mm
  • Skins include MDF, MDF Primed, Veneer Oak/Ash, Plywood, HMXRP, Veneer SPM
  • Meranti stiles/rails
  • No steel sheet

Rw33, Rw35, Rw36, Rw37, Rw38, Rw39

  • Nominal door thickness of ~46mm 
  • Skins include MDF, Veneer Oak/Ash, Plywood, HMXRP, Veneer SPM 
  • Meranti stiles/rails
  • Steel sheet

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